Renovations that help to sell your house
Renovations that help to sell your house

If you want to sell or rent your apartment in Empuriabrava, Santa Margarita or Rosas (Costa Brava), there are some renovations that can help you to get a better price for your home. We will show you some changes that will help you.

If a buyer thinks that he will have to make renovations in your house or apartment, it will influence the offer he will make.

Note that before considering a revaluation of the price of your home or flat in Ampuriabrava, you must do some mandatory renovations: bases, installations ...

Therefore, although you may have the impression that you are losing money, in the long term this investment may be worth it. We show you some renovations that can upgrade your home.

Change the kitchen:
You can ask for the help of a professional to see the trends of the moment, although we recommend that you do not abuse it and opt for something more neutral. Change the worktop, or invest in new household appliances if you want to rent, this can make your home or apartment in Empuriabrava more attractive. Indeed, a modern kitchen can help you sell your house faster than a kitchen with an old fashion style.

Renovate the bathroom:
The same goes for the bathroom, it is not necessary to do a big work. Just put up to date: a shower instead of a bath, change the tap ...

Go for neutral colors like white and beige, and make sure that your apartment is as impersonal as possible, so that the buyer or the potential tenant doesn't have the sense to invade your personal space.

Put wooden floor:
Who doesn't love wooden floors? It never gets old and can be combined with different decorative styles. Furthermore, you can find cheap synthetic parquet.

Arrange the outside of your house:

First impressions are important to generate interest. We are not only talking about arranging the garden, but sometimes changing the mailbox of your house in Ampuriabrava or Rosas, or painting the fence or the windows bars can change the look of your house.