The purchase of a property as an investment for your future : more than ever a reality.

Regardless of where you spend your holidays this year, you might fall in love with the country. A question comes to your mind: why not buy an apartment or a house here in Roses, Empuriabrava, Santa Margarita? You're not the only one who had this idea: many French people already own a second property in Spain. This allows them to take full advantage of this country and the Costa Brava.

You have decided to buy a property abroad? You have several options. First, you should realize an Internet search. We also advise you to contact a specialist (a real estate agent). The majority of the people looking to buy a property abroad mainly want to invest their capital in order to achieve profitability (renting) or to have a second residence to spend their holidays.
Today, and thanks to the Internet, you can find plenty of offers. This is why many French people who intend to buy a property abroad, initially use the Internet. They can have an overview of the existing offers and prices. They only need to type in the keywords related to their search, and they quickly get the desired results.

Brava Home Standing offers a wide range of properties in the Costa Brava.

A real estate website specialized in the sale of properties in Empuriabrava, Rosas and surroundings : 

You will find a wide range of properties available. This website enables fast and efficient search of houses and apartments in Empuriabrava, Rosas, Santa Margarita and its surroundings.

You have to consider many factors.
Besides the type of property and the purpose of the purchase, many other factors chave to be considered for this investment :
- The condition of the property and its use
- The situation and infrastructure around the property
- The cost of this purchase and derivatives
- The purchase conditions

You must be sure of the use you want to give this property (essential in order to target your searches).
If the property is for personal use, as a principal residence or second residence.
If the property is for renting or if you just want to renovate it and then resell it.

For a particular use, the situation is very important. We advise you to make a list of priority criteria. Here is a list of possible items to be considered :
-The existence of public transport (bus, train, airport)
-The various shops close to the well
-Medical centers

When it comes to a renting investment, must be taken into account:
-The existence of public transport (bus, train, airport)
-Shops close to the property
-The services and infrastructure generally offered by the property: residential complex with pool, lift, sea views, terrace ... are the main criteria for tenants.

The state of the property:

Its appearance and general condition must be, if possible, in perfect condition. If this is not the case, see possible defects or repairs needed to negotiate the best price of the property.

Check existing costs:
Check the expenses such as water, electricity, gas, rubbish, taxes, community charges.